Puzl it  Aqua Adventure - English version

Puzl it Aqua Adventure - English version

  • $14.99

Is it a puzzle? Or is it a card game? It’s … both! The Puzl It game is the competitive puzzle card game! In this addictive, easy-to-play game, players take turns laying down cards from their hand to build a puzzle. The more cards they connect, the more cards they can steal from another player’s deck. But if a player gets a Blocker card, their deck is off limits! Be the last one with cards left to win! And as a bonus, the winner gets to complete the puzzle. With 72 thick, sturdy cards, the Puzl It family card game can be played over and over. It even comes with a handy reference poster to show players what the completed image should look like—a hilarious under-the-sea scene with lots of whimsical details to seek and find! 

7+ years / 2 to 6 players