The Preschool Activity Book: Scholastic Early Learners

The Preschool Activity Book: Scholastic Early Learners

  • $12.99

Support well-rounded learning in your preschooler with 80 engaging activities aimed at indoor and outdoor play!

The Preschool Activity Book is perfect for parents and kids to do together! The left-hand page includes activities for you and your child to finish together, and the right side showcases simple activities to reinforce the child's learning. Perforated pages make this perfect for on-the-go!

  • 74 pages of fun activities for children and parents to do together or independently
  • Supports well-rounded learning in essential categories such as being active, STEM, arts & crafts, and social-emotional learning
  • Includes 3 sheets of stickers
  • Aimed at children ages 3 and up
  • Features parent tips
  • Bright colorful pages make it an activity book that is sure to engage young learners!
  • Teacher approved!

Scholastic Early Learners is a dedicated program that focuses on building learning and school skills from infancy through second grade. Created by experts and focused on reinforcing curriculum learning and current academic guidelines, this educational line is the best partner in your child’s school journey.

Scholastic Early Learners: The Most Trusted Name in Learning!