Sperm Whale Calf

Sperm Whale Calf

  • $11.99

This Sperm Whale Calf figurine is designed true to its iconic real-life counterpart, with a prominently rounded forehead, large widespread flukes, as well as its signature multiple humps on its back that comes in place of a dorsal fin. Like all PAPO figurines, this Sperm Whale is made from non-toxic plastic and is BPA and phthalate-free, making it a safe choice for play even with our younger ones.


• At birth, a 'baby' sperm whale is already four metres long and weighs one ton. While it matures, the calf is protected by its mother and other females in the pod.

• Sperm whales have the ability to dive to incredible depths (up to 1000 meters) and stay down for incredible lengths of time (up to two hours), both abilities increasing their likelihood of finding prey. As a result of their deep-sea behaviors, sperm whales typically live in waters of several thousand meters deep and are rarely seen along the coast.

• Like most active predators, Sperm Whales have large brains and in fact, has the largest brain of any animal on the planet. They also have the most powerful sonar of any animal, which they use to find their prey in the dark deep sea.