Storm Watcher Weather Lab

Storm Watcher Weather Lab

  • $39.99

The Storm Watcher Weather Lab from Smart Lab is the perfect science kit for any child who has an inquisitive and scientific mind that loves to figure out how the world around them works.

Included in the box of the Storm Watcher Weather Lab is a fantastic piece of scientific equipment that children can use to conduct many different weather-based experiments. From learning about air pressure, storm warnings, and more. This set contains 18 different experiments that they can conduct. What is really cool about this set is that in typical Smart Labs fashion, children will be learning as they are having fun. Also included is an instruction booklet that teaches them how to do each experiment, but it explains why they are doing it as well. With this kit, you can ask your child if they think it is safe to hang the washing out!

Smart Lab are all about STEM learning and they are making learning fun with this set. By using the Storm Watcher Weather Lab kit, children can learn about the wonders of our weather. From what causes storms to why the sun is shining, this set not only gives them many fun experiments to do. They will also be learning the whole time that they are having fun.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.