Tater DLux Shar-Pei 10"

Tater DLux Shar-Pei 10"

  • $57.99

Tater the DLux Shar-Pei stuffed animal features a breed specific design that will delight dog lovers of all ages! Wrinkles and rolls of decadently soft plush material depict the familiar appearance of this unique breed. His tipped over ears and playful curled tail detail his design and make him all the more lifelike. With a sweet, amber-eyed expression and charming seated pose, Tater will push his way into your heart. Known for their loyal and determined personalities, you can count on Tater the plush Shar Pei to always be there at your side when you need encouragement or a cuddly hug!

Additional information

Weight12.8 oz

Dimensions10 × 8 × 9 in

Age 24 Months & Up