Terra Kids Binoculars with Bag

Terra Kids Binoculars with Bag

  • $29.99

  Exploring We Will Go!

Your child is all about exploring the world around them. Why not make it easier for them with our Terra Kids binoculars at HABA USA? These outdoor toys, which come with a handy bag, are all your adventurer needs to get up close and personal with nature—even when it’s miles away. Get ready to watch your little crusader enjoy bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, and even playing spy games with these toy binoculars in tow.

  • Features knowledge cards designed for further learning
  • Made from hard plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and soft plastic (polyester-elastomeric)
  • Lenses made from (polymethyl acrylate)
  • Shoulder bag made from neoprene
  • Allows for 4x magnification

Cool Kids Binoculars for All Seasons

Eager to inspire activity and play outdoors? Add our toy binoculars to your little one’s exploration adventure arsenal. The casing is sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest of play conditions. In addition, the binoculars come with a shoulder strap featuring a security fastener, so need to worry about your child losing the equipment. The shoulder bag that comes with the binoculars also features a strong aluminum carabiner and snap fasteners for added security.