Thank You, Little Rabbit

Thank You, Little Rabbit

  • $14.99

This delightful interactive board book introduces us to Little Rabbit, the kind-hearted creature who looks out for her animal friends.

Little Rabbit's friends need her help!
Little Squirrel is hungry, the geese have lost their way and Little Frog has lost his friends.

Meet her and her farmyard friends in this charming, interactive board book, as Little Rabbit looks after the other forest animals and makes them feel better.

Featuring ribbon pull tabs and sliders which reveal extended scenes, Thank You, Little Rabbit introduces children to themes of kindness and friendship.

Fun animal illustrations will make this a story to treasure that can be read together by children and parents again and again.

This new board book series is designed to improve childrens' hand-eye coordination and to encourage a safe and loving bond between parent and child.