The Bear Went Over the Mountain

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

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What's over the mountain? A little bear and his best friends, of course! Story time darling Jane Cabrera puts a sweet spin on a classic children's song.

The Bear went over the mountain, / To see what he could see. / But all that he could see, / Was the other side of the mountain, / Then he got stuck up a tree! Luckily Hare is there to rescue him, followed by Fox with some tea, Wolf with the dance moves, and Owl with the final piece of the party. But wait, there's one last attendee--a young child!

Cabrera gently reveals that other side of the mountain was just up the stairs the whole time. The final spread shows the youngster all snuggled up in bed with his stuffed animal bear, hare, fox, wolf, and owl.

Jane Cabrera's Story Time celebrates children's best-loved read along nursery rhymes and songs. These interactive favorites are given a new twist by award-winning artist Jane Cabrera and feature her bold, bright, kid-friendly illustrations. Other titles in the series include The Wheels on the Bus, Old Mother Hubbard, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.