The Big Row Your Boat Adventure

The Big Row Your Boat Adventure

  • $17.99

A modern take on the classic rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat with three brave adventurers setting off on an epic journey.

From the tallest penguin to the world's deadliest octopus, you might encounter a friendly narwhal or even a nest of sea snakes. But don't forget to look out for the crocodiles!

With vibrant illustrations by Scott Pearson, The Big Row Your Boat Adventure is a fun read-along picture book, which teaches children about geography and the many wild and wonderful animals that inhabit our world.

'Two very happy kids, they love it. I've read it ten million times already! - Mum of Nina (age 5) and Collette (age 2)

'Bright and colourful, we love looking at the pictures especially the girl getting splashed. There is a lot of 'oh no all wet'' - Aunty of Louis (age 2)

'After hours of reading, we're still discovering new things and asking about the animals' - Mum of Leo (age 6) and Rose (age 3)