The Children's Book of  Wildlife Watching

The Children's Book of Wildlife Watching

  • $17.99

A fun, engaging wildlife-watching book for kids, full of information, tips and craft craft activities to attract and help your outdoor friends.

Make a difference to the local wildlife with hands-on activities, wonderful ideas and useful tips in this informative wildlife book for children aged 5-9. 

Young nature enthusiasts can enjoy this engaging introduction to animal conservation and protection, packed with engaging activities and plenty of advice from the brilliant bird expert and TV personality Dan Rouse. The Children’s Book of Wildlife Watching celebrates local wildlife and allows children to get up-close to nature in a safe and responsible manner, whether it's by studying minibeasts, pond dipping, or creating a mammal tracker.

This fascinating wildlife book for kids includes: 

- A delightful and simple introduction to wildlife and what we can do to help them.
- Hands-on activities and upcycling projects for children to get involved in.
- Informative and factual text accompanied by beautiful photographs and illustrations.
- A range of projects that encourage children to enjoy spending time outdoors.

Get to know wildlife with this handy guide, featuring craft activities to attract and help you get up close to them. Children aged 5-9 can study minibeasts, go pond dipping, or create a mammal tracker. They can even design their own garden, with tips on planting the right plants to create a safe space for animals.