The Dragonling Complete Collection

The Dragonling Complete Collection

  • $47.99

Now available in a paperback boxed set, The Dragonling chapter book series, about a boy and his pet dragon, is perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon!

When Darek feeds a hungry baby dragonling, they become best friends. But Zantor the dragonling needs to go home to the Valley of the Dragons so Darek vows to risk his own life to return him there. Meanwhile, the people of the village Darek calls home plan to continue the dragonquest tradition of hunting dragonlings. Can Darek and Zantor convince humans and dragons alike that it’s possible to live in peace?

This paperback boxed set includes all six magical stories:
The Dragonling
Dragon in the Family
Dragon Quest
Dragons of Krad

Dragon Trouble
Dragons and Kings