The Lonely Otter: A Heart-Warming Story About Love and Friendship

The Lonely Otter: A Heart-Warming Story About Love and Friendship

  • $10.99

Snuggle up and share this sweet Valentine-themed book about a lonely otter with a heavy heart, who learns about friendship, courage, and the true meaning of love!

From the bestselling series that includes The Happy Pumpkin, The Grumpy Reindeer, and The Sleepy Bunny, comes a new heartfelt adventure for Valentines Day. Dive into the water and meet a lonely otter, who learns a lesson in love: loving himself and finding his place with others.

Nobody knows what it means to be alone more than Otto, the lonely otter. Otto is very shy, so some things are just harder for him to do… like making friends. Otto wishes more than anything to have some friends and feel like he belongs. When Otto spots another otter, all on her own, he thinks he’s finally found someone just like him. But can he pluck up the courage to swim across and meet this kindred spirit?

This lovely, heart-warming story is about being brave and daring to step out of the shadows. It will show little ones the magic of friendship, and will remind them that being alone doesn’t always mean you are lonely.

Featuring whimsical illustrations, this book is sure to make its way into the hearts of adults and children alike, as they follow along to see if this lonely otter ever finds his perfect match!