The Magic and Mystery of Nature Collection

The Magic and Mystery of Nature Collection

  • $93.99

Enter the magical worlds of land, sea, and sky and meet the incredible creatures and plants that make their homes there in this wonderful nature box set.

The Magic and Mystery of Nature Collection combines four visually detailed titles: The Magic and Mystery of Trees, The Book of Brilliant Bugs, Earth's Incredible Oceans, and The Frozen Worlds, in one exquisite slipcase that takes kids aged 7-9 through the fascinating world nature.

This boxset contains:

The Magic and Mystery of Trees
Learn about the fascinating natural science of trees and just how special these mighty organisms are.
The Book of Brilliant Bugs
Enter the kingdom of bugs with insects, arachnids, worms, and mollusks crawling across the pages of this colorful bug book.
Earth's Incredible Oceans
From glowing jellyfish to deep sea dwellers, this colorful book will uncover the incredible secret world of life under the sea.
The Frozen Worlds
Go on a fascinating sub-zero journey, showing just how amazing Earth's poles are and how we can protect them from the issues facing them today.

This nature box set for kids offers: 

- An educational four-book collection about nature for young animal and conversation enthusiasts.
- Environmental information and unusual facts to teach children about our amazing world.
- High-quality illustrations on the natural world by Claire McElfatrick

The Magic and Mystery of Nature Collection features the brilliant kingdom of insects, the secret life of Earth's polar regions, the science of trees, and the incredible oceans on this planet. This box set will take young readers on a journey of discovery, as they learn all about the astonishing environments on Earth, from which animals live there to how we can contribute to conservation efforts.