The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm

The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm

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These are modern fairy tales for new generations! Humans have grown in awareness since fairy tales first revealed their secrets. Now, we must take care to carry this great tradition forward. No magic has been left behind in this fiercely imaginative work. The lyricism and layers of meaning in these stories bring pleasure and laughter to children, as well as to the adults who read aloud to them.

Meet your fellow adventurers: Quizzle, a feisty little fairy with red hair, and her best friend, Pinky Palm, an everyanimal whose fur changes colors to reflect his emotions.

Fairies have a sacred job: they make wishes come true, but only when those wishes are made from the heart. As an everyanimal, Pinky Palm has a special gift, too. He can put himself into the hearts, paws, heels, and even shoes of just about anyone, making him the perfect partner for Quizzle on her fairy assignments. Together, they help others look into their hearts to discover what really matters.

Join Quizzle, Pinky Palm, and their friends as they confront countless conundrums. Will they help Auntie Hoolahoop find her lost wing? Can Pinky convince two stubborn squirrels to overcome their big 'tug-its-mine' momentary? Will Quizzle help TT the Troll to learn to trust again? Will Mrs. Grupple-the sweetest yellow dog you've ever seen- discover what a password smells like so she can return to Tree Forest to see her friends? Will Quizzle and Pinky Palm finally awake from their slumber in time to save their shadows from the ominous Shadow Catchers?

All these adventures and more await as you enter this wonderful, enchanting world!