The Old Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree

  • $13.95

A musical tale in verse following a robin through a year of seasons in her oak tree home, and a tender-hearted exploration of the cycle of life, featuring delicate paper-collage illustrations.

Once there was a robin
As happy as could be
Because she lived up in the branches
Of an old oak tree

An old oak tree
A strong oak tree
The happiest oak
That you ever did see

This musical tale follows a robin as she makes her home in an old oak tree, a tree that shelters her and many other creatures—from squirrels to foxes to bears!—from many storms, and for many seasons. Until one night, when a terrible storm comes. When the tree falls, robin and all of the other animals who have relied on the tree must say goodbye. As the season turns from winter back to spring, the tree, now a nurse log, becomes home to a new kind of life.

A tender-hearted story gently exploring the cycle of life and death and rebirth, The Old Oak Tree can be read as either a song or a verse story, and features tactile recycled-paper artwork from celebrated artist Angela Doak (My First Book of Canadian Birds) and sheet music for budding musicians who want to play along.