The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Space Book

The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Space Book

  • $33.99

xplore the Solar System with this exciting and immersive pop-up space book for kids.

This book is the perfect introduction to space and the Solar System, featuring a spectacular 3D pop-up Solar System, exciting pull-out pages, and fun quizzes and facts. Starting with a quick tour of space.  

Fun facts, a pull-out fact file, and an exciting quiz are provided for each planet you stop off at. This interactive space book acts as a tour guide, visiting each planet in turn. From our local star, the Sun, the adventure will lead to all eight planets of the Solar System before reaching Pluto, the rest of the Milky Way and beyond. 

This hands-on space book for children offers: 

- A spectacular pop-up of the Solar System and interactive pull-out fact files for interactive learning.
- STEM learning, with prime topics for 5-9 year olds: labelled images of each of the planets, clear information about the birth of our Solar System, and accessible facts about space missions.
- Highly visual pages with illustrations of planets and the solar system, alongside text explaining each planet. 

The spectacular, out-of-this world pop-up and pull-out features create a magical reading experience. Impressive space photography is interwoven with the most up-to-date information about planets in our Solar System and their exploration. Text is broken down into easy-to-digest chunks to create a fun, beautiful, and educational resource for children.