There's a Mountain in This Book

There's a Mountain in This Book

  • $25.95

Featuring die-cut flaps and interactive gatefolds, this book places readers in the hiking boots of a mountain explorer to discover firsthand the plants, animals, and environments these mighty landscapes contain.

Young adventurers undertake an intrepid journey to explore some of the mightiest mountains on Earth. From the foothills of the Alps to the peak of Mount Everest, readers will discover the diverse habitats of mountain ecosystems. Expedition logs encourage readers to use their senses to explore each location as they climb.

There’s a Mountain in This Book provides young readers with an immersive experience of breathtaking mountain environments. Visit forests and caves in the foothills of the Alps; canyons, lakes, and spectacular geysers in the Rocky Mountains; rainforest and moorland in the uplands of Mount Kilimanjaro; and the snowy glaciers and icefalls of the Himalayas. Discover remarkable flora and fauna, including mighty bears, snowy leopards, and even a rare cave-dwelling salamander with no eyes!

Using clever die-cut flaps and gatefold pages, the book details how mountains are formed, shows a cut-through of the interior structure of a mountain, and describes the effects of changing seasons and climates on mountains in different parts of the world.