There's No Such Thing as... Mermaids

There's No Such Thing as... Mermaids

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There's no such thing as mermaids... right?

When a little girl is told by her sister that mermaids aren't real, she doesn't believe it for a second. To prove her sister wrong, she makes a list of places to search, checks it twice, and sets off to prove her wrong.

From the lake to the park to the beach, she looks for mermaids everywhere. Could her sister be right? Or are mermaids hiding just out of sight?

With an engaging search-and-find element on every page, this hilarious story is packed full of fun for kids to enjoy. The bouncy, rhyming text makes for the perfect read-aloud and Katy Halford's adorable art gives kids plenty to explore.

A hilarious new mythical tale that's sure to become a family favorite!