To Change a Planet

To Change a Planet

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A beautiful ode to our planet and a clarion call to protect it.

Our planet seems tough,

but it is fragile.

Our planet seems big,

but it needs us.

Spare, poetic text and jaw-dropping pictures gently illuminate the causes of climate change while also providing hope and hands-on solutions that will edify and empower even the youngest readers.

One carbon dioxide molecule may seem small and insignificant. But when cars, factories, and cities let loose millions and billions and trillions, they can trap and stifle like a too-warm blanket. One notch higher on the thermometer may seem small and insignificant, but one notch higher can change our seas, our seasons, life, us. But when one person and one person and one person become many…THEY can change a planet—for the better.

With calm, truthfulness, and beauty, To Change a Planet demonstrates the importance of caring for our planet, and how our individual and collective actions multiplied together can make the world better. Eye popping explosions of color on every page create a stunning visual narrative that invites readers to spot and follow the same characters through their daily lives and ultimately to the famous climate march on Washington. Clear, informative, and meticulously researched endnotes answer a myriad of questions in simple language, cite irrefutable sources, and provide hands-on solutions that even young children can be a part of.

With our planet warming at an alarming pace, and the effects of climate change ravaging whole communities and countries—especially the most vulnerable populations—we need clearheaded, fact-based stories about the reality of climate change more than ever. This book will be especially appealing to parents, caregivers, STEM teachers, and librarians looking to help children understand the natural world and to foster responsibility and stewardship. It is also sure resonate with budding young climate activists.