Ultimate Sticker Book: Trees and Leaves

Ultimate Sticker Book: Trees and Leaves

  • $10.99

A fun, picture-packed sticker activity book with fascinating information about garden and park plants and more than 250 stickers!

This exciting sticker activity book will teach kids all about the life inside of garden ponds. The brilliant facts accompanied by simple, fun activities such as matching stickers to picture shapes, follow-the-trail, and a quiz makes this the ideal book for curious young minds.

Go on a journey, fill in the sticker pages, and learn about the seeds, leaves, flowers, and fruits that come from trees. Find out which trees keep their leaves all year round, discover how a seed grows into a tree, and which animals make their homes in trees. The combination of engaging activities and straightforward information given in bite-sized pieces makes it easy for children to learn as they play.

This nature sticker book for children offers: 

- Fascinating information about different trees in gardens and parks for curious children aged 5-7.
- 250 reusable, easy-to-peel stickers that are perfect for little fingers to add to the pages to complete the pictures.
- Plenty of fascinating facts and information to keep kids engaged and to help them learn about different types of trees and leaves.
- Sticker activities, a quiz, and fun facts which will captivate children and keep them entertained.

This informative sticker book encourages children’s interest in nature as they’re challenged to find the correct stickers to fill in the blanks in images on the pages. Ultimate Sticker Book Trees and Leaves will make children want to go out and explore gardens and parks so they can spot all the trees and leaves they have learned about.

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