Uno Card Game: Minecraft

Uno Card Game: Minecraft

  • $13.99

Enjoy a little friendly competition with Minecraft Uno. Its pack of 112 cards follows the same rules as the traditional game, but with Minecraft characters and monsters instead of numbers for a fun finishing touch. The special Creeper card in this set of Minecraft Uno lets you take advantage of a special rule.


  • UNO card game

    This classic card game is easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

  • Minecraft design

    The matching game you love now comes with cards that feature images of Minecraft characters.

  • Special Creeper card

    A new type of action card, show it to the other players, and they'll have to draw three more cards.

  • For two to ten players

    You can play together with your friends.

  • Recommended minimum age

    Suitable for children aged 7 and older.