We Belong Here

We Belong Here

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In troubling times, two very different children find power in friendship and solidarity.

Eve Bloom doesn’t like being taunted at school for being a newcomer. This is her home. When Eve notices the same children bullying Mark Nakamura for his Japanese culture, she jumps in to defend him. A fast friendship forms, built on shared stories, loyalty and laughter.

When Eve’s family’s business is threatened, and Mark’s father may need to move again to find work, Eve’s clever thinking shows everyone that when friends help one another the whole community is better together.

We Belong Here is a story of friendship between a Japanese boy and a Jewish girl in Canada soon after the end of World War II. While the setting is historical, the themes are perennial: the power of friendship, family and community and the strength of solidarity in the face of adversity. It reminds readers that children can take actions that make a true difference.