Wizarding World - Enchanting Hedwig - Bilingual version

Wizarding World - Enchanting Hedwig - Bilingual version

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Wizarding World

Bilingual version

Recreate your favorite Harry Potter scenes with the Wizarding World Enchanting Hedwig!

Featuring over 15 realistic sounds and movements and super soft plush material, Enchanting Hedwig brings the iconic Harry Potter owl to life. Remove Hedwig from her perch and discover all of her magical features. Hedwig loves to be pet! With “ruffle detection,” she can sense which way you are petting her. For loving chirps and head movements, pet her from front to back – she doesn’t like having her feathers ruffled backwards and will let you know how she feels about it! Place your finger in her beak and she’ll playfully nibble on it when she’s happy! Enchanting Hedwig also recognizes your tone of voice. When you speak soft and gently, she’ll respond with a hoot to show you that she is listening. If you speak too loudly, she’ll respond with some loud sounds of her own! Set Hedwig back on her perch and write a special message to a friend. Slide your note into the Hogwarts envelope and help Hedwig deliver it! She holds the envelope in her mouth and will only happily release it to the right person with a secret interactive code – stroke her head three times and Hedwig will let go of the envelope! Pet Hedwig and comb her to continue to keep her happy. Then, deliver a new message and play again and again! With so many exciting features, this 9-inch Enchanting Hedwig owl toy will inspire your imagination through fun and exciting pretend play. This interactive Hedwig plush owl is the perfect Harry Potter gift for ages 5 and up. Bring home your very own Wizarding World Enchanting Hedwig and experience the magic of Harry Potter!

Includes :

  • 1 Enchanting Hedwig
  • 1 Perch
  • 1 Hogwarts Envelope
  • 1 Comb
  • Instruction sheet

3x AA batteries included


Long: 25 cm Width: 20 cm Height: 30 cm Weight: 3 kg