Yellow Bellied Sea Snake  54"

Yellow Bellied Sea Snake 54"

  • $24.99

With a plush yet scaly coat that’s wonderful to stroke, this plush Yellow Bellied Sea Snake is the perfect example of how amazing the sublimation printing process is; vibrant colors, beautiful markings, and details that look just like the real thing. With a black upper and bright yellow belly – hence the name – the Living Ocean Plush Yellow Bellied Sea Snake by Wild Republic also has black, white, and yellow markings on its tail that really pulls the whole look together. While these venomous snakes spend up to 90% of their time underwater, this stuffed Yellow Bellied Sea Snake much prefers dry land and will happily curl up on your bed or in a chair, although you may want to warn other family members because it looks so real! While these serpents aren’t considered to be under threat yet, the biggest problem is the damage done to the oceans through pollution, which is why knowing that the Living Ocean Plush Yellow Bellied Sea Snake by Wild Republic’s inner fill is made from recycled plastic bottles is so important, as it will help you to raise awareness with friends and family.